Des lunettes certifiées pour l'observation d'une éclipse scolaire photographiées en Arkansas en janvier 2024 aux États-Unis.

Schools raised the issue of child safety to justify the suspension; At CSS Val-des-Cerfs it is estimated that a logistical reorganization will allow the courses to continue, starting with the distribution of approved glasses so that the solar eclipse can be observed without danger.

Otherwise, the CSS Val-des-Cerfs, which covers public institutions in Estrie, has decided – again for safety reasons – to change the school transport schedule at the end of the day, as the solar eclipse is about to happen. 3:00 PM and 4:37 PM

For example, school transport for preschoolers and primary school students is cancelled; parents must pick up their child from school after 4:45 p.m. At the high school, school transportation is postponed until 4:45 p.m.

In addition, students cannot leave school between 1:00 PM and 4:45 PM unless their parents come to pick them up at the secretariat. This instruction also applies to students returning home on foot.

“To facilitate the supervision of students, we ask parents to avoid picking up their child during the solar eclipse as much as possible,” wrote the general manager of CSS Val-des-Cerfs, Carl Morissette, in a message to parents on Thursday and of which Noovo Info has obtained a copy.

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CSS Val-des-Cerfs Schools

  • Ave Maria School
  • Central School
  • Curé-A.-Petit School
  • Assumption school
  • Spark School
  • Orée-des-Cantons School
  • Chantignole School
  • Clé-des-Champs School
  • Uptown school
  • Golden Harvest School
  • Sutton School
  • School for builders
  • Hummingbird School
  • School of princes
  • School of the Perseids
  • École du Phénix – Pavilion Saint-Eugène
  • École du Phénix – Sainte-Marie Pavilion
  • First flying school
  • Zenith School, Lab-Ecole Shefford
  • Eurekaschool
  • Jean-Jacques-Bertrand School
  • Joseph-Hermas-Leclerc School
  • Joseph-Poitevin School
  • L’Envolée School
  • Massey-Vanier School
  • Mgr-Desranleau School
  • Mgr-Douville School
  • School of Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes
  • Roxton Pond School
  • Sint-André School
  • Saint Bernard School
  • Saint-Édouard School
  • Saint-François-d’Assise School
  • Sint-Jacquesschool
  • St. John’s School
  • Sint-Jozefschool
  • Saint-Joseph School of Notre-Dame-de-Stanbridge
  • Saint-Léon School
  • Sint-Romualdschool
  • Saint-Vincent-Ferrier School
  • Sainte-Cécile School
  • Holy Family School
  • St. Therese School
  • Wilfrid-Léger School

Source: CSS Val-des-Cerfs

If CSS Val-des-Cerfs takes all these precautions and other school service centers go so far as to suspend classes, it is because there are health risks associated with the solar eclipse, as the Ministry of Health underlines. You should not observe the eclipse with the naked eye for its entire duration, and especially not during the totality phase scheduled between 3:25 PM and 3:40 PM.

Ignoring this guideline and viewing a solar eclipse, even for a few seconds, can have adverse health consequences, including potentially irreversible vision loss.

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