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The terrible news was kept quiet for weeks. Then, on March 26, 2024, video game player Ninja announced it. In a long post published on Xexplains the streamer who became popular thanks to his Fortnite live streams on Twitch have skin cancer.

“I’m still a bit in shock, but I want to keep you informed. A few weeks ago I went to a dermatologist an annual skin check and birthmarks, explained Tyler Blevinshis real name in this message.

Get detected early

It all started with a kind of “birthmark under my feet that they wanted to remove as a precaution,” he explains. This birthmark turned out to be a melanoma.

Then another dark spot appeared next to the first mole. A biopsy is performed and a larger area around the melanoma is removed. Ninja is still waiting for the results. Even if the cancer was discovered “at an early stage”, the streamer invites its listeners to have their skin examined regularly.

In most cases, skin cancer is caused by excessive exposure to natural or artificial ultraviolet radiation. “It could be the most common form of cancer in France,” the agency Public Health France warns on its site. In France, between 141,200 and 243,500 cases are diagnosed annually.

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