The first thing you notice is of course the brand new, completely redesigned and modernized interface. In it you will find:

  • The Trash module, with its 60 types of distortion. You have the option to mix up to four different distortion settings using an XY matrix, adding dynamics and movement by modulating the Drive knob, which controls the intensity of the distortion. You can also play with the Tilt filter.
  • The Convolve module, which has over 600 impulse responses, including reverse piano reverb and plexiglass tubes. You’ll find the same XY modulation path.
  • A three-band separation instrument that allows you to divide the spectrum and influence the different parts in a specific way
  • An envelope follower
  • A high-pass filter
  • An automatic gain compensator
  • And limiter
  • Input and output gain controls
  • A control over the dry/wet mix
  • A settings randomizer

For the first time, Trash is available on iOS in AUv3 format, in addition to the usual AU, VST3 and AAX formats for Mac and Windows. Currently the introductory price is €21.80, but the plugin will then increase to €109. More details on the iZotope website.

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