The next major update to the Ubuntu operating system is expected in April. Noble Numbat (named after the small marsupial endemic to Western Australia) now has its mascot and it’s a real celebration of Canonical’s 20th anniversary.

HAS the day before its twentieth anniversary, the publisher has just presented its noble numbat (Noble Numbat), the mascot of Ubuntu 24.04 LTS. Quite a symbol, as Aaron Prisk, Community Engineer, notes.

«Ubuntu has evolved from the dream of an easier-to-use Linux to a trusted platform that powers millions of devices around the world. For this LTS release, we wanted to capture the essence of the grandeur and majesty of our little friend Myrmecobiidae.»

Noble Numbat: Why?

The numbat is one small, enigmatic marsupial from Australia. This now endangered species is characterized by a black and white striped back, similar to a royal dress. It has become the animal emblem of the state of Western Australia. “ The numbat is proof that people from humble beginnings can make their mark on the world », adds Prisk.

Logos and backgrounds

The logo and its court of official wallpapers have just been published. And it is very successful. In anticipation of Ubuntu 24.04 LTS, whose release date is set for April 25, 2024, barring any surprises, here is an anthology (the full list can be found on the Ubuntu blog) for download. High Definition files can be found on Google Drive at this address.

Little numbat boy from @azskalt

Fuwafuwa Nanbatto-san by @amaral

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