As promised, Google Messages has just implemented dynamic responses in the stable version. To take advantage of this, you must install the latest update. Enough to make the exchanges more friendly and lively!

Google Messages is installed by default on most Android smartphones and has attracted many people, to the point that it has over a billion monthly active users. For this, the SMS, MMS and RCS application was largely inspired by other popular instant messaging services, such as WhatsApp or Signal. Of course, this concerns the well-known emojis! Google tries to enrich the responses to messages. After a beta phase, a new feature is now available on the stable version of the application. Announced late last year, it will trigger a small animation when you reply to a message with one of the ten most popular emojis, which you’ll find below.

Google Messages emojis: more dynamic communication

Picture this: your friend texts you to let you know that you both have a reservation at that trendy new restaurant everyone is talking about. If you respond to the message with a simple thumbs up emoji, the magic happens immediately: a trio of animated thumbs dance around the message bubble. A way to bring a touch of dynamism to your discussions! Please note that these effects will obviously only be shown to other Google Messages users, and not to iOS users. Some will regret later that these reactions are automatically activated. If you don’t have access to the feature yet, don’t forget to check the application updates on the Play Store.


This isn’t the only recent new feature in Messages. Before the advent of dynamic responses, the application had already implemented secret animations, which are activated when you use one of the mesh phrases, such as “I love you” or “it’s snowing”. Moreover, it is now possible to generate emojis from your photos – “Photomoji”. In addition, according to the analysis of the code injected into the body of the application, we should soon be able to change the colors of RCS conversations to personalize the bubbles and background of the discussions. This is currently an experimental feature that will arrive on the stable version of messaging soon. In addition, Google Messages will make it possible to respond to received messages faster and easier. Instead of long-pressing on a text, just double-tap to bring up emojis (see our article). And there’s no doubt that Google will continue to improve its messaging app in the coming weeks and months.

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