Even civilian mini-drones can drop a grenade or grenade. In contemporary wars, the fight against drones has therefore become a priority. The 54th Broadcasting Regiment, stationed near Haagneau, Alsace, designed and produced a tool light enough to equip any soldier.


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In contemporary wars, the fight against drones has therefore become a priority (illustrative photo).  (SIMON WOHLFAHRT/AFP)

They are called the “golf trackers”…The men of the 54th The transmission regiment is made up of somewhat special soldiers, the only unit of the French Army responsible for electronic warfare, which is now essential on the battlefields. Their mission, regularly deployed in operations, is to get as close as possible to enemy lines, listen to the opponent’s radio conversations, but also to identify any electromagnetic emissions, such as radar, and potentially jam these transmissions.


From this field experience, the soldiers designed the Badd (drone action and detection box). “We have expertise and skill areas that are very varied across the regiment. We have signal experts as well as analysts and developers who learn to work on these projects in their spare time.”explains Sergeant David, one of the designers of the Badd.

Maximum two packs of cigarettes

The Badd is presented as a small electronic box, built with commercially available components. The whole thing is no bigger than two packs of cigarettes. “The philosophy of the project is that every soldier can wear this type of equipment,” continues Sergeant David.

“It’s quite limited. You have a screen, two buttons, it fits in your pocket or you hang it on the helmet.”

Sergeant David, one of the designers of the Badd

at Franceinfo

“If the box detects a drone, it can sound. We can imagine many ways to warn the soldier, plan Sergeant. From there, he pulls out his box, presses a button and can hope the drone takes off or lands quietly before releasing its payload above his head.

The Badd sees the drones and blocks their transmissions. It has already won over the highest officers, such as General Pierre Schill, Chief of Staff of the Army, who explains that, for example, on the Ukrainian front “70% of drones used are neutralized by electronic warfare.”

“I’m waiting until we at least industrialize the detection base, the general hope. I could clearly see army soldiers equipped with this box. If every soldier has this little system on his helmet that gives a warning, so he knows he’s being flown over by a drone, that’s great. !”, he enthusiastically. The prototypes work. Nowadays, the only thing missing is the industrialist who is willing to produce the Badd in large series.

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