The Verdi trade union called on its members on Tuesday to strike at a total of five German airports on Thursday, March 14.

The action would not affect Frankfurt and Munich airports, the two busiest in the country.

Security staff checking passengers at Karlsruhe/Baden Baden and Cologne/Bonn airports were told to stop work on Thursday.

And at Berlin, Hamburg and Stuttgart airports, passenger, freight and cargo security staff, as well as customer service staff, were ordered not to work.

Both trains and planes in Germany were hit by strike action on Tuesday.

Several labor disputes have occurred simultaneously, leading to a series of industrial action against Lufthansa, airport operators and the national railway company Deutsche Bahn.

Germany’s central bank warned last month of a likely impact on productivity if public transport disruptions continue.

German strikes are damaging both the economy and travelers

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What Verdi said about the strike

Thursday’s strike would last the entire working day, Verdi said.

The union said five rounds of negotiations would not produce an agreement on better wages for some 25,000 members. It is negotiating with the Berlin-based BDLS agency responsible for airport security across the country.

“The employers recently submitted an improved, but far from satisfactory offer. This way we cannot reach an agreement,” Wolfgang Pieper, Verdi’s chief negotiator, said in a press release.. He said members were prepared to increase pressure with a new strike and warned that the action could be expanded. “It is now up to employers to finally provide a substantially improved offer,” he said.

He said the offer would include pay increases in phases over two years, but said that “it is less for two years than we demanded for one year. It is not enough.”

Verdi calls for an hourly wage increase of €2.80, higher performance bonuses and better conditions for overtime. According to the report, the measures are necessary to combat the inflation of recent years.

msh/wmr (AFP, dpa)

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