By James Reinl, Social Affairs Correspondent, for Dailymail.Com

4:31 PM March 21, 2024, updated 5:04 PM March 21, 2024

New Yorkers say the city has become a more dangerous and worse place to live in the past six years and point to failures in Mayor Eric Adams’ administration, a major investigation has found.

The share of residents who rate city life as good or excellent fell from 50 percent to 30 percent between 2017 and 2023, while a third of New Yorkers say the quality of life is now poor, a Citizens Budget Commission survey shows (CBC).

Among their top concerns are crime and public order. Residents feel far less safe in their neighborhoods than they did in 2017, especially in a subway system that has been hit by a wave of violent incidents.

Gov. Kathy Hochul deployed National Guard troops to New York’s subway system this month in an effort to restore confidence among concerned commuters
New Yorkers say their city is becoming a more dangerous and worse place to live, according to a Citizens Budget Commission (CBC) survey.

The investigation comes as Adams struggles to deliver on campaign promises to tackle crime, safety and rat infestations amid a wave of migrants draining the city’s billions of dollars.

Andrew Rein, chairman of the research group, said the survey revealed a “harsh reality in which (residents) clearly rate the quality of life and the quality of city services as not good.”

Officials need to start making “tremendous progress” to provide better “safety, housing and clean streets, parks and public spaces,” Rein added.

Key findings from the CBC survey of 6,600 New Yorkers:

  • Only 37 percent of respondents said public safety in their neighborhood was excellent or good – down from half in 2017
  • New Yorkers now feel only slightly safer riding the subway during the day than they did at night in 2017
  • More than three-quarters now say they do not feel safe in the metro
  • More people now say they are concerned about cleanliness, waste collection and rat problems in their area
  • They are also increasingly dissatisfied with traffic, bicycle and pedestrian safety
  • Only 11 percent said the city spent taxpayer money wisely — down from 21 percent in 2017
  • When asked if they planned to stay in New York until 2028, only half of respondents said yes
  • That is less than 58 percent in 2017
  • Households with annual incomes above $200,000 say they have the best quality of life
  • Those who lived in the Upper East and West Sides, Soho, TriBeCa, the Brooklyn and Queens waterfronts, and southern Staten Island were generally more satisfied
  • But even in the more upscale neighborhoods, resident satisfaction declined
  • Residents of the south and central Bronx were among the least satisfied
Mayor Eric Adams is struggling to deliver on campaign promises on tackling crime, safety and rat infestations
Commuters are having their bags checked by NYPD officers in a crackdown that locals say is not working
Commuters took cover after an ‘aggressive’ passenger was shot in the head on a rush-hour subway this month

The survey underscores the challenges both Adams and Gov. Kathy Hochul face in allaying fears that crime is spiraling out of control and the subway system is falling apart.

It was carried out before this winter’s wave of sensational subway crimes.

Commuters took cover after an “aggressive” passenger was shot in the head during rush hour on a Metro A train this month.

The shooting on the nation’s busiest public transit system came less than a week after New York Governor Kathy Hochul deployed 750 National Guard members in an effort to stop rampant subway violence.

Jonathan Bowles, director of the nonprofit Center for an Urban Future, called the study a “sobering” wake-up call for officials running a city of 8.5 million.

“Policymakers need to realize that there is still a lot of work to do to make the city more livable and affordable,” Bowles said.

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