British Airways’ iconic Concorde plane returned home to the Intrepid Museum by ship Tuesday from the Brooklyn Navy Yard, passing under the Brooklyn Bridge and sailing over the Hudson.

Videos and photos of the transfer provided a breathtaking view as the plane flew along the Hudson River with the New York City skyline and the Statue of Liberty in the background.

Intrepid Museum said in a news release that the plane was undergoing restoration work at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

“The months-long restoration project involved stripping the aircraft of paint, sanding it and recoating it, using the same colors and markings that made Concorde a true aviation legend,” the museum said in its press release.

It was loaded onto a barge on Wednesday and headed up the Hudson River to Weeks Marine in Jersey City for an overnight stay, NorthJersey.Com, part of the USA TODAY NETWORK, reported before departing for its final destination.

On Thursday morning, around 9:30 a.m., the Concorde was lifted by a 300-foot crane and returned to Pier 86, where it was welcomed by the assembled spectators.

The Intrepid had opened Pier 86 to the public so that visitors could witness the return of the Concorde firsthand. A live stream was also set up.

The museum said Concorde tours will resume on April 4 and visitors will be able to enter the Concorde, “hear about its history and peer into its sophisticated cockpit.”

The museum is also renovating a portion of Pier 86 adjacent to the Concorde exhibition space.

Known as the fastest commercial airliner in the world, the British Airways Concorde arrived at the Intrepid Museum’s Pier 86 in 2003 and has been a beloved exhibit ever since.

View photos of the transfer here:

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