Seven passengers were hospitalized Friday after a flight to Newark from Israel experienced turbulence and high winds.

United Flight 85, bound for Newark, NJ from Tel Aviv, was diverted to Stewart International Airport in New Windsor, NY on Friday due to dangerous winds, officials said, according to The Associated Press.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said in a statement that the flight was forced to land due to “a passenger medical emergency” reported by the crew. The FAA will investigate the incident.

New Windsor EMS Chief Michael Bigg told multiple outlets that seven passengers from the plane were injured and are being treated at a New York hospital. Bigg also said passengers complained of nausea, motion sickness and chest pain due to turbulence, according to NBC News.

United Airlines said in an emailed statement to The Hill that Flight 85 landed at Stewart International Airport “after high winds were reported in Newark.”

“One passenger departed due to a medical incident, and a few other customers were seen by medical staff due to possible motion sickness,” the statement continued. “The flight was refueled and continued to Newark.”

According to AP, no serious injuries were reported.

United’s diversion on Friday follows a series of recent negative incidents for the airline, including a plane losing a tire during takeoff. The airline said last week that the FAA has expanded its oversight of United Airlines in response to these incidents.

Sasha Johnson, United’s vice president of corporate safety, told employees in a memo earlier this month that the “number of safety-related events in recent weeks have rightly caused us to pause and evaluate whether we can do something differently.” and must do.”

The Hill has contacted Bigg’s office.

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