A United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Paris was diverted to Denver Thursday evening due to an engine problem, the airline said.

United Flight 990 – a Boeing 777-200 – departed for Denver International Airport after the crew reported a problem with one engine. It landed safely, United said. Emergency services were on standby, but were not needed.

The trajectory of the flight. as seen on Flightradar24, it showed it heading north over the Canadian border when it turned south and headed for Denver.

Customers departed the plane normally, United said, adding that it was “working with our customers to provide them with flight options on Friday.”

There were 273 passengers and a dozen crew members on board.

It comes after several other recent flight incidents involving United, including an accident on March 7 when a tire fell off a United Airlines plane taking off from San Francisco airport, an emergency landing of a new flight in Los Angeles due to hydraulic problems the next day, and a panel flying away an aging United Boeing 737.

CBS News reported last week that the Federal Aviation Administration has done so consider possible temporary action against United, including some potential restrictions on its ability to add new routes or aircraft.

In a March 22 letter to employees, Sasha Johnson, United’s vice president of corporate safety, appeared to acknowledge that temporary FAA action was coming.

“In the coming weeks, we will begin to see increased FAA presence in our operations as they review some of our work processes, manuals and facilities,” Johnson wrote. “As part of this effort, the FAA will also suspend some certification activities for a period of time. Those activities will vary depending on the working group and we will learn more from the FAA on that soon.”

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