Two members of WarnerBros. Discovery’s (WBD) board has resigned amid a Justice Department investigation into whether their presence in the body violated antitrust law.

Steven Miron and Steven Newhouse, both independent company directors, resigned from WBD’s board of directors on Monday, the company said, after DOJ notified them that they were under investigation.

Miron and Newhouse told WBD that “without admitting any wrongdoing, and in light of the changing dynamics of competition in the entertainment industry, they chose to resign rather than contest the matter.”

Miron is the CEO of Charter Communications and Newhouse is president of Advance, two of the country’s largest media conglomerates.

DOJ had alleged that the presence of the two executives on the board violated Section 8 of the Clayton Act, which prohibits the same person or company from simultaneously serving on the boards of competitors, subject to limited exceptions.

“Charter, through its Spectrum cable service, and WBD, including through its Max streaming subscription services, both provide video distribution services to customers,” the department said in a statement Monday. “Representatives of the private media company Advance Publications Inc. had representatives on the boards of directors of both Charter and WBD.”

Miron and Newhouse were each terminated upon completion of the Discovery, Inc. merger. and WarnerMedia to the WBD Board in 2022, and both were originally acquired by Discovery, Inc. named as two of the six appointed members of the WBD Board, the listed company.

“Both Steve and Steven have been a great source of sage advice and tremendous industry insight over the years, and they have played an integral role in starting and running this new business and on its way to long-term growth ” said David Zaslav, CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery.

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