“’Super-rich ex-wives who hate their ex-husbands’ should be listed under ‘Reasons Why Western Civilization Died,’” Elon Musk (right) said of Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife, MacKenzie Scott (left) in a now – X message removed.
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  • Elon Musk lambasted MacKenzie Scott for her philanthropy, but that didn’t stop her from donating.
  • Scott has more than doubled its planned donation commitment of $250 million, to $640 million.
  • Musk previously accused Scott of being a “super-rich ex-wife” who is destroying Western civilization.

Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife, MacKenzie Scott, may have found herself in Elon Musk’s crosshairs this month for her philanthropic gifts.

But that doesn’t stop her from putting her wealth into charity work. On Tuesday, Scott announced she would donate $640 million to 361 organizations.

The prize is more than double the $250 million she initially promised to give away last year.

Lever for Change, the organization that helped Scott with her philanthropic donations, says 279 nonprofits will receive $2 million each, while the remaining 82 organizations will receive $1 million each.

According to Lever for Change, the open call for applications “initially planned for 250 prizes of $1 million each.” But in light of “the incredible work of these organizations, as judged by their peers and external panelists, the donor team has decided to expand the winner pool and prize amount,” Lever for Change said.

Scott’s hefty donation comes weeks after Musk denounced her charity work.

“’Super-rich ex-wives who hate their ex-husbands’ should be listed under ‘Reasons Why Western Civilization Died,’” Musk said in a now-deleted X post on March 6.

Musk did not elaborate on why he selected Scott, but he has been a fierce critic of efforts to promote corporate diversity, equality and inclusivity.

“DEI is just another word for racism. Shame on everyone who uses it,” Musk said in an interview X message in January.

That wasn’t the first time Musk criticized Scott for donating billions to charities. In May 2022, Musk claimed his companies were being sidelined by the Democratic Party because Scott had donated to “PACs masquerading as charities.

“It’s safe to say that MacKenzie (ahem) Scott isn’t exactly a big fan of her ex-husband. Unfortunately, many others are caught in the crossfire,” Musk said in a X message on May 31, 2022.

To be fair, Scott has been generous with her donations, and Musk’s opinion on how she handles her money probably mattered little in the donation process.

Scott said in a post on her website, Yield Giving, that the nonprofits were selected “from a pool of more than 6,000 applicants.” The 361 organizations, she wrote, were “elevated by peer organizations and a second round of evaluation panel” and “are essential drivers of change.”

Scott’s donations this year also include support for health care for women and minority groups. She donates to the ACLU of Alabama, the Center for Empowering Refugees and Immigrants, and the Institute of Women & Ethnic Studies, to name a few.

“This open call will help us take our fight for justice and equality to the next level and continue our work to dismantle the legal, structural and cultural barriers that contribute to gender inequality,” said Megan Peterson, executive director of the non- profit organization Gender. Justice, said of Scott’s donation. Peterson’s organization receives $2 million from Scott.

And unlike most philanthropists, who attach specific reporting requirements to their funding, Scott stands out for her no-strings-attached approach to her donations.

In 2022, Scott said in a blog post on Medium that she had donated nearly $2 billion to “343 organizations supporting the voices and opportunities of people from underserved communities.”

Scott’s 2022 donations include $275 million to Planned Parenthood and $15 million to the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service.

Representatives for Scott at Lever for Change and Musk did not respond to requests for comment from Business Insider sent outside regular business hours.

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