Luck was a lady to someone.

A gambler at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas won three major prizes in just three hours from Tuesday night to Wednesday morning, according to Caesars Entertainment.

The player won $125,000 on a Dragon Link slot machine, then won $383,500 on the same type of machine and ended the streak with a $159,250 win. The player placed a bet of $25 per line on each winning roll. The player raised a total of $667,750.

According to H&R Block, the player likely withheld some for taxes because the casino is required to withhold 24% of winnings when the jackpot is more than 300 times the stake.

The winning streak started just before 9:30 PM local time and ended just before 12:30 PM

Caesars Entertainment declined further comment.

What are the chances?

The odds for the Dragon Link game – manufactured by Aristocrat Gaming – are not posted outside the machine.

Although the games are different, the odds of winning a similar amount in Monday’s Powerball drawing are 0.000025%.

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