The Apple Car never saw the light of day, but recent reports have revealed that the project known as “Titan” was canceled after ten years and billions of dollars spent. Apple had ambitious plans for its electric car, such as an advanced autonomous driving system. And to make this a reality, the company has reportedly developed a chip equivalent to four M2 Ultras combined.

Apple Car would have a chip equivalent to four M2 Ultras

Bloombergs Mark Gurman said in a question-and-answer session on Monday that the Apple Silicon team was “heavily involved” in the Apple Car project before it was shut down. According to the journalist, the company put a lot of effort into the car’s ‘AI brain’, which would be powered by a custom-made Apple Silicon chip.

This new chip is said to have the equivalent power of four M2 Ultras chips (the most powerful Apple has yet) combined. A single M2 Ultra chip consists of 134 billion transistors and features a 24-core CPU, a GPU with up to 76 cores and a dedicated 32-core Neural Engine. M2 Ultra is the engine of the current generation of Mac Studio and Mac Pro.

Interestingly, Gurman says that development of this new chip for the car was “almost complete” before the project was halted. Because some of the engineers working on the car project were transferred to other teams at Apple, the company was able to reuse the technology from this new chip for future projects.

Apple M2 Ultra ARM chip

The end of the Apple Car project

Apple has been working on a car project since 2014, led by Tim Cook. Over the past decade, the company has experimented with different ideas and prototypes. A recent report revealed that the company even tried to negotiate with Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Volkswagen, McLaren and Tesla to build the Apple Car.

Due to the challenges of building a fully autonomous car, as Apple executives wanted, the company later reconsidered the project with a less ambitious approach. Still, building a car seemed too complicated for Apple, and the company ended the Titan project last month. The project cost Apple approximately $1 billion per year.

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