More than 20 million views, it’s unimaginable for this photo which has flooded social networks in recent days. Viral is what best describes the image of this man dressed in a denim vest, sitting on a McDonald’s table and smoking a cigarette. But what Internet users don’t know (maybe) is that this photo from the 80s was generated by AI.

A mustache, curly hair, this man seems to come straight from 1980. It all started last Tuesday when the image was published on, formerly Twitter. And to top it all off, the man in the image is smoking a cigarette, something that was allowed in McDonald’s locations at that time. That is to say, when regulations on indoor air quality were not yet a standard in public establishments.

Misleading details in an AI-generated photo

Looking at the photo more closely, you should easily see, at the level of his fingers, that the image was created by AI. Little tip: focus on his left arm. At first glance you can already see that it is unusually long. Now take a good look at his fingers! It is generally specific to generative AIs to generate non-standard fingers. Are you there? Well, know that the cup supposed to represent a Coca-Cola worm is once again an absurdity. See for yourself and tell us if you see the word Coca-Cola!

Another misleading detail : the color of the fries packaging. It is usually red in color and not yellow. And the little stem that comes out of the packaging is more of a straw, right? And then the man sitting behind him, the same concern as that of the main subject: twisted face and especially strange hands.

This story reveals the issues and impact of artificial intelligence in our daily lives. Some people even shared the image not knowing that it is a misrepresentation of smoking. Or at least a less realistic illustration of life before according to the AI.

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