Even if Nvidia is already among the benchmark, it is still trying to innovate in its category. The proof is that the American giant has just launched the B200 Blackwell AI chip. This marvel is one of the fastest on the market today.

Currently, Nvidia holds more than 80% of the high-tech market. Certainly, this is an achievement, especially in the very competitive digital sector. But this performance is not enough for Nvidia. She wants to strengthen her position. To achieve this, the American company launched the B200 Blackwell chip. The latter will revolutionize the world of AI forever.

An unforgettable announcement

The third most valuable company in the United States has used all means of communication to present the B200 Blackwell chip. Like the high-tech giants, it was CEO Jensen Huang who made the announcement. He unveiled his new product to an amazed audience.

“I hope you realize this is not a concert,” Jensen Huang said as he began his announcement. However, the presentation was worthy of a great show. The classic speeches were there. But at a certain point, Nvidia CEO invited robots powered by its AI chips. Nothing better to illustrate the company’s exploits.

Several specialists even compared this announcement to that of another big name in high-tech: “I haven’t seen something like this in the technology industry for some time. In fact, some people were making analogies to Steve Jobs’ early presentations.” Bob O’Donnell, specialist at TECHnalysis Research

Yes, these communication strategies were essential to present a chip 30 times faster than its predecessors. And Nvidia understood this added value.

The B200 Blackwell chip and other innovations

For Nvidia, its B200 Blackwell chips will soon perform in cloud computing services from large companies. She cited big names like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI. The Blackwells will then power reference AI such as ChatGPT, Copilot, etc.

And that’s not all. Nvidia also presented several tools to facilitate the handling of these new chips. These innovations, called “ Microservices » will contribute to integrating an AI modelamong companies.

Furthermore, Nvidia wants to tackle the automotive field. In collaboration with Chinese manufacturers, it plans to equip vehicles with a new range of chips. These latter will power the chatbots of these cars . BYD and Xpengare already takers. But the American giant still intends to attract other customers.

Has Nvidia extinguished the competition with the B200 Blackwell chip?

The American company has seen meteoric success in 2023. It has seen its shares increase by 240%. Currently, Nvidia is valued at $2 trillion.

However, competition is intensifying, especiallywith the new strategies of Intel and AMD. However, the market remains open to all. There are still sources of income for all stakeholders. “Even if Nvidia loses market share, they can still grow their overall business because there are plenty of opportunities for everyone,” Mr. O’Donnell.

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