You encounter them every day, at work, on transport, in traffic jams or even at mass. They seem completely normal, but secretly fantasize about having sex with machines. They are called robophiles, and Canadian researchers have just discovered a worrying character trait that is very often found in these people…

Since the advent of the era of AI chatbots like ChatGPT, many men spend their free time chatting, flirting with “AI Girlfriend” type robots as we explain in our dedicated file.

However, this passion does not concern all men. And Canadian researchers have just discover the sinister common point which unites lovers of this type of “2.0” romantic relationship.

Fans of sex robots are very often misogynistic

According to their published study in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationshipsmen expressing interest in sex with robots typically have very misogynistic opinions towards women.

This disturbing correlation was discovered as part of a larger research projectaiming to analyze the connections between “ THE preconceived beliefs regarding gender inequalityinterest in casual sex, and social hierarchy ”, but also behavior towards the robots of the future.

To carry out this study, the researchers analyzed data from 212 students Canadians from a university. They had to respond to a survey containing multiple questionsin order to gauge their views on gender, social dominance, hierarchy, friendship, sex and other topics.

This questionnaire made it possible to highlight several notable points. First, women are much more interested in the idea of ​​a platonic relationship with a robot.

Furthermore, people with a view described as “hostile sexism” are more likely to be interested in sex with robots and much less interested in friendship with them. This concerns mainly men, but not only !

Women objects or women objects?

According to Connor Leshner, co-author of the study, “ in general, people find sex robots not very attractivebut men are much more interested than women, and especially men who see women as inferior to them “.

In other words, the men who view women as objects have no problem with using an object as a woman…

Sex robots already exist, but their functionality remains very basic. In the years to come, humanoid robots will experience real growth, like the Tesla Optimus or the Figure 01 which will soon serve as the body of ChatGPT.

We can expect a real industry to develop around sex robots equipped with artificial intelligence. It remains to be seen whether such machines will allow misogynists to satisfy their impulses, or on the contrary aggravate their sexism and hatred towards women…

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