Is the question of copyright no longer a problem between the media and AI? In any case, this collaboration between the newspaper Le Monde and OpenAI already provides an answer to this hypothesis.

Media data would be exploited by AI. This concept has always been a threat of this technology. But the newspaper Le Monde could break the ice by partnering with OpenAI. The American company announced this partnership last Wednesday. And that’s not all, it will also cooperate with Prisa Media, a Spanish group. This shows that OpenAI will try to develop in Europe, in another rather atypical sector.

Le Monde X OpenAI: a win-win collaboration

“Our partnerships will allow users to ChatGPT to access high quality content du Monde and Prisa Media regarding recent events, and this content will also contribute to the training of our models», says OpenAI. This is a boon, especially for users looking for hot data.

For his part, journalists from the Le Monde media will also be able to exploit the OpenAI technologies. They can then boost their productivity using AI. However, there will be no “great renewal” with this strategy.

Louis Dreyfus, CEO of Le Monde, even focused on the subject “ We will never use an artificial intelligence tool to replace journalistic work. It can make it easier, it can speed it up, but it is not intended to replace the work of our journalists.

“Support this development by providing added value”

Louis Dreyfus saw the potential of AI in several sectors. After the interviews with OpenAI, the specialist from the newspaper Le Monde gave some explanations concerning his approach. According to him, AI companies will definitely growwith or without collaboration with the media. The most sensible thing was to follow the wave, in order to remain a leader in its chosen field.

In addition, this collaboration also makes it possible to protect the articles in Le Monde. And this concept is among the commitments of the French media. Certainly, ChatGPT will use Le Monde content as a source. But the AI ​​will provide a link to the full article to ensure the reliability of the information. With this cooperation, OpenAI will have access to more than 80 years of French media archives .

This is not a first for the newspaper Le Monde

Yes, OpenAI announced its collaboration with Le Monde. However, the French media was already using several types of AI to boost its productivity. This is the famous DeepL program.However, the approach was not to create articles with AI. Journalists just use this strategy to translate content into English. And with Microsoft’s tool, they cantransform articles into audio files.

But even if Le Monde exploits AI, it is particularly strict about copyright. The French media undertakes to respect this legislation before collaborating with high-tech companies. And the internet giants are also concerned by the subject. Thus, content owners will receive compensation when their data is used by these companies.

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