In France, the results of a study on the use of artificial intelligence have just been published. We now have the percentage of young French people using this technology. The question is whether or not your child is among the 19.6% addicted to AI.

The objective of this study is quite simply to reveal the habits of young French people when they spend time on the web. But according to the figures, although AI has been so popular with certain profiles, editors, developers, visual creators, among others, the French in the prime of their lives rarely use ChatGPT in carrying out their duties.

Parental controls and monitoring up to 18 years old

Qustodio recently carried out a survey on the use of AI among children aged 4 to 18. But to obtain relevant results, the study lasted 12 months and we have already carried out similar surveys in 2021 and 2022 to be able to better compare the results and identify the place of artificial intelligence within French families.

As Qustodio is a company that sells parental control services, the data collected concerns this branch more. Result: a little less than a third of parents, or 28%, affirm the need for a parental control device on connected objects children under 3 years old. Already, this figure suggests that children who are part of this age group already have access to certain types of devices (smartphone, tablet, smart TV, etc.).

Of course, the youngest among them came into the world with the Internet. As for parents, they are well aware of this technology. However, there are many young parents who establish very specific rules regarding the use of technology in their children. And the study carried out by Qustodio affirms the need for surveillance in relation to Internet use. At least until they come of age.

Children and AI: particular case of young French people

In 2022, we saw the famous ChatGPT from OpenAI appear. Until today, its popularity is increasing and other artificial intelligences have emerged. AI will therefore be more and more present, but until now, it has not yet infected young people and children. According to the study, only 6% of young people who participated say they use artificial intelligence.

Regarding the tool they use, children and teenagers are not really keen on Dall-E or ChatGPT. These tools are only positioned 18th place for most visited generative AI by the subjects of the investigation.

On the other hand, certain platforms are much more popular among young French people. Notably Roblox with an average of 121 minutes per day, followed by TikTok which is rated at 110 minutes, and Snapchat which averages 63 minutes per day. These figures indicate, for information purposes, the time spent on average by the youngest French people.

France therefore has a special case on the use of AI, especially among children and young people. ChatGPT, for example, has a usage rate of only 16.4% compared to 24% in Australia.

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