While AI reigns supreme today, France finds itself at a decisive crossroads. The recommendations of a committee of experts direct the country towards significant investment so as not to fall behind.

Last September, the French government took the initiative of appointing a committee of experts dedicated to generative AI. This committee’s mission was to inform the national strategy on this critical subject. After six months of intensive work, conclusions and recommendations were formulated. These outlined the contours of a future where France intends to play a leading role.

Generative AI in France: focus on the composition and mission of the committee

Chaired by Philippe Aghion, renowned economist, and Anne Bouverot, figure in higher education, the committee brought together 15 personalities from varied backgrounds. This diversity of skills has enabled an exhaustive analysis of generative AI. It includes researchers of international stature and leaders of innovative companies. Names like Yann Le Cun, Luc Julia, and Joëlle Barral, among others, have even contributed to this collective reflection.

Note that the process of developing the recommendations was marked by more than 600 auditions. To these will be added a public consultation involving 7,000 citizens. This participatory approach has, in turn, enriched the debate. It also highlights the importance of AI in different sectors of society.

Some key recommendations for the future of generative AI

The report highlights an imperative for France: that of triple its investments in generative AI. This initiative would suggest, among other things, an annual target of five billion euros. Such a substantial increase in financial resources is intended to support innovation. Another advantage is that it will strengthen the country’s position on the international artificial intelligence scene.

As for the recommendations, they cover six crucial areas. In this sense, we will cite training and public research, global governance and the financing of innovation. Each domain is identified as an essential pillar for the harmonious development of AI in France. There will also be particular emphasis on computing power and access to data.

France: resources mobilized in terms of generative AI

Finally, the committee insists on the need to mobilize national savings. At the same time, it will be necessary to increase the attractiveness of large French investment funds. The objective is to create an ecosystem favorable to the financing of innovative startups in the field of generative AI. This will, without doubt, provide fertile ground for growth and innovation.

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