For the first time, OpenAI has just let artists test its Sora AI to generate videos from a prompt! Discover 7 incredible new videos created using this revolutionary tool, and the artists’ first impressions… the start of a new era for cinema, music videos and art in general?!

Since its initial presentation in February 2024, OpenAI Sora has fascinated the whole world. This new kind of artificial intelligence is capable of produce any style of video from a simple textual description.

It can generate realistic characters as well as fantastical creatures, and the user can specify the situation, the setting, the scenario or even the style plan and camera used.

However, this revolutionary tool is not not yet available to the general public. Until now, we had to rely on demos shared directly by OpenAI to get an idea of ​​its potential.

Now, awaiting the release scheduled for sometime in 2024, OpenAI has just let third-party users get their hands on Sora for the first time. A a handful of artists were able to test AIand the videos they created have just been revealed.

Of the filmmakers, visual artists, creative directorsdesigners, advertising agencies and other musicians were able to generate videos from their own prompts and give their impressions.

Air Head: a short film produced by Shy Kids

Based in Toronto, Canada, the multimedia agency Shy Kids brings together three artists. One of them, short film director Walter Woodman, used Sora to produce the short film entitled Air Head.

This short film presents the adventures of a balloon man which explains being “ literally filled with hot air “. He then describes the advantages and disadvantages of living with this anatomical anomaly.

For example, the wind can blow his head off. And walking in the cactus section of a garden center is very dangerous for him. However, he is happy to be aware that we are all a pinprick away from deflation ». Philosophical…

According to Walter, the most exciting thing about Sora is his ability to “ produce totally surreal things “. He believes that this tool opens “ a new era for abstract expressionism “.

A documentary about imaginary animals

The consultant Don Allen III, virtual reality specialist and augmented, formerly of DreamWorks Animation, used Sora to create a wildlife documentary in the style of Discovery Channel or National Geographic.

However, rather than depicting real animals, he harnessed the power of AI to depict fantastic creatures, chimeras between several species.

We discover aquatic cats, a raven fox, a flamingo giraffe or even a flock of flying pigs. All these imaginary animals are astonishingly realistic.

According to Allen, the instant viewing capabilities offered by Sora allowed him to give free rein to his creativity and better focus his time and energy.

According to him, “ I have been creating for a long time hybrid creatures in augmented reality in my head, combinations that I find funny “.

Now, “ I have one much easier way to prototype the ideas before completely creating the 3D characters for the space computers “. So, he thinks that the Sora’s main strong point is his ” oddity ».

Josephine Miller’s Underwater Fashion Show

THE studio Oraar Studio based in London specializes in extended reality, digital fashion and 3D visual design, and creates interactive games or filters for social networks.

Her co-founder and creative director, Josephine Millerused Sora to imagine an underwater fashion show.

We discover an underwater world where humans float serenely and are dressed in clothes covered with iridescent scales.

According to his testimony, working with this AI put a strain on his creative process. For good reason, she is impressed by “ its ability to quickly conceptualize to such a high quality level “.

The tool has “ opened up the possibility of bringing ideas to life that I had for years, ideas that were previously technically impossible “. This also allowed him to evolve in his narration, and to “ translate my imagination with fewer technical constraints “.

August Kamp created a music video for his techno music

Musician, researcher and multidisciplinary creative activist August Kamp used Sora to create a music video for your own techno music.

The video is a rapid succession of computer screens and strange situations. According to the designer, “ the cinematic visuals offered by Sora open up categorically new lines of art “.

She believes that “ Sora is truly a turning point for me as an artist whose scope has always been limited by an imagination in contradiction with its means “.

In the coming months and years, we can expect many artists to use AIs like Sora to create their music videos. Is this a threat to human directors?

The Native Foreign agency unleashes its imagination

L’creative agency Native Foreignspecializing in AI, Emmy Award-nominated and based in Los Angeles used Sora to create a surreal video.

She goes from black and white film at the mushroom city psychedelic. Its aim was to “ visualize concepts and iterate quickly for its brand partners “. What explore the extent of the possibilities offered by the tool !

According to co-founder and creative director, Nik Kleverov, Sora helped him a lot to explore concepts which had previously been set aside because of resource limits and budgetary constraints from his agency…

Surreal trip with Paul Trillo

L’artist, director and writer Paul Trilloknown on Vimeo, takes us into a frantic race through the city streets and library shelves, with silhouettes humanoids made of disco disco balls or waste.

After his test, he believes that Sora is ideal for “ bringing new and impossible ideas to life that we would otherwise never have had the opportunity to see “. For the first time, he felt “ freed from its chains » as a filmmaker.

He was not ” restricted by time, money, or permission other people, and was able to experiment in bold and exciting ways “.

Indeed, from now on, filmmakers and other creators will be able to experiment freely without fear of wasting money or waste time.

As soon as Sora is available to everyone, we can expect a real flood of videos experimental and the emergence of new, original styles

Sculptor Alex Reben uses Sora to create 3D models

Beyond cinematic videos or clips, Sora offers many possibilities for other arts.

So, the sculptor Alexander Reben is interested in the capacity of this AI for “ transform videos into 3D models » And ” propel the AI ​​system beyond its initial framework “.

Note that Alex Reben was chosen to become the first artist in residence at OpenAI. Big class !

Revolution or threat for the world of cinema?

This first wave of short films created by artists offers us a glimpse of Sora’s true creative powerand how this tool could transform Hollywood and many other industries.

According to an article published by Bloomberg, OpenAI is also in discussions with several studios of cinema and other directors to offer them the opportunity to use Sora to create entire films!

These videos will also allow the firm to identify the limits and dangers of Soraas she explains on his blog. An imperative before releasing it into the wild and opening access to the general public!

However, this first batch does not only make people happy. On X, a former Stability AI executive named Ed Newton-Rex accuses OpenAI of practicing what it calls “artwashing”.

He believes that the firm is seeking to solicit positive feedback on Sora from a few artists, while she trains its AI on the work of other creators without asking their permission or paying them…

So, what is your favorite video? Do you have any ideas for a prompt to provide to Sora when she becomes available to everyone?

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