The threat of AI is increasingly worrying, especially in the United States. The emergence of this tool could lead to a big replacement in the world of work. And there will inevitably be several victims.

The White House conducted a rather interesting study. Specialists have analyzed the impact of artificial intelligence on the professional sector. But the conclusions are alarming. AI poses a threat to some workers. One thing is essential: we must react to avoid this scourge.

10% of professional activities strongly threatened by AI

CNN recently interviewed Jared Bernstein about the threat of AI to the professional world. And this exchange increasingly affirms the concerns of workers. For the chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, artificial intelligence will impact the field of work shortly.

“If we thought about this in terms of health, we would say: who is most likely to catch the virus and what can we do to vaccinate them,” Jared Bernstein said in this interview. His idea is clear: AI will have consequences on several workers. However, there are solutions to limit the damage.

But an extract from this report worries the Americans: 10% of workers will inevitably lose their jobs.

“Most jobs remain a set of tasks of which only part can be automated. AI could allow humans to focus on other missions, fundamentally changing their jobs without reducing their labor utilization. »

White House specialists even gave a specific example. They studied the case of school buses. Before long, these vehicles will be able to drive themselves.

Towards a worsening of inequality?

No, this situation does not only concern workers. Students and new graduates are going to walk on eggshells. According to the White House report, 14% of graduates who want to work in jobs with low performance requirements are under the threat of AI.

And that’s not all. Women are affected by this trend. Low-income workers will also suffer the fate of AI. They run a greater risk than other job categories.

“AI could be a skills-biased technology, increasing the relative demand for workers with high levels of education in high-income occupations. The results suggest that AI could exacerbate global income inequality whether it replaces low-wage jobs and complements higher-wage jobs. »

However, the American authorities want to avoid this situation. According to White House specialists, it is too early to say that AI is worsening inequalities. The Joe Biden administration intends to institute policies to reduce these risks for workers.

“There is still technology at work, but society has a level of inequality that policymakers are willing to accept. NOTWe are not going to let technological developments determine inequalities» Jared Bernstein.

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