ChatGPT from OpenAI, as a virtual sports coach, offers his advice with confidence. However, is it safe to follow them blindly?

For an avid runner, running is not just an exercise, it is a true passion. However, his lack of enthusiasm for strength training, essential to progress, pushes him towards a new solution.

Aiming for the Boston Marathon, he decides to do 2 weekly weight training sessions to your training without hiring a physical coach. His choice falls on ChatGPT, hoping to find there a competent and accessible guide for its preparation. And according to him, things are going wrong.

From time to time, ChatGPT may provide unsatisfactory advice

ChatGPT promises a free and accessible solution. SO, he asks ChatGPT for a plan for the marathon, hoping for useful advice. But the recommendations quickly show their limits. ChatGPT suggests run 6 days a week without details important. The advice lacks details on sprint speed or distance.

Suggest a full marathon a week before the event? Absurd. Despite several adjustments by providing more information on its condition and objectives, the plans remain superficial.

Despite the disappointment, he tries the exercises suggested by ChatGPT. Solid in appearance, they are sorely lacking in execution details. This experience reveals a truth: ChatGPT is not the same as a real coach. His ability to imitate human dialogue is impressive, but insufficient to provide expert advice.

He realizes the importance of understanding the science behind training. This is crucial for the success and interest of the sessions.

When faced with an injury, the importance of consulting a real human becomes obvious. When pain arises, ChatGPT can only offer limited help. The distinction between pain and discomfort requires an appropriate dialogue, which only a professional can provide.

According to one study, only 41% of ChatGPT tips fully comply with the standards of the American College of Sports Medicine, despite 90% accuracy. Linda Pescatello points out the recurring advice of request medical authorizationsometimes superfluous, which could curb the desire to exercise in some people.

Reflection on the use of ChatGPT in Coaching

This experience reveals that while ChatGPT can create great advice, it is no substitute for a real coach. Indeed, the expertise and the personalized support of a human is unique. However, AI also has its advantages, such as providing simple answers at any time, thus enriching the way we view fitness.

To be truly effective, artificial intelligence training advice must meet individual needs. Richard Bayly of PEAR Health Labs emphasizes that good input is crucial for better results. Thus, apps like Aaptiv prove that it is possible to adjust AI to personal goals and preferences. It offers more personalized advice.

Can AI take on the role of your sports coach?

Kristie Larson, coach in New York, emphasizes that to train, willpower and motivation are as important as the exercises themselves. It shows that, despite its strengths, AI cannot match the impact of a real coach. Technology provides information, but lack of empathetic support from a human.

During his exploration, the runner realized that despite the promises of AI, training often requires a more human approach. Interaction with a coach can transform the exercises into a personalized, motivating and adapted journey. This is where the essence of coaching lies.

Additionally, this experience sheds light on the economic and accessibility aspects of fitness. As the ASICS-funded report shows, the cost of sports equipment remains a big obstacle to exercise for many people.

Here, AI, particularly in the form of free and easily accessible chatbots, could play a determining role. She would make fitness advice more accessible and would democratize access to quality training programs.

That said, it is imperative to find a balance between the generic recommendations offered by AI. Personalized advice from a human trainer remains essential.

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