We have had the opportunity to take advantage of ChatGPT plugins since its launch in 2022. But OpenAI has just announced news that could oppose the personal goals of each user. Nevertheless, OpenAI has set the date for 1er May 2024 for the end of ChatGPT plugins. Which gives us time to find an alternative.

For your information, if OpenAI has decided to terminate the ChatGPT plugins, it is because it has an idea in mind that could interest its customers. In a press release, the Californian artificial intelligence giant announced that it would implement personalized GPT models. Scheduled for the 19th of this monththis change would make it possible to improve the user experience.

God for standard models, welcome to custom GPTs

If OpenAI decided to abandon standard models, it is because it became aware of the need for custom GPT for users. This decision is therefore the response to the specific needs of each user by taking into account their individual behaviors, as well as their preferences.

Of course, we have already seen a feature on the old version that allows ChatGPT to provide more tailored responses based on the user’s profile (by providing information about their work and field of activity among other things). But this time, the personalized model will be more convincing in terms of understanding the context, improving human-machine interaction, and especially in relation to the generation of responses which will be more relevant this time. Which is not yet certain, but we will see what happens once the new model arrives on the market.

End of ChatGPT plugins, a transition which is not without impact for the field of AI

The end of ChatGPT plugins marks a radical change in the field of artificial intelligence. But apparently, it is a decision which should allow the stimulation of innovation for each industry concerned. We are therefore talking about a real opportunity for both businesses and developers.

At the same time, OpenAI’s decision to discontinue ChatGPT plugins raises questions. Particularly with regard to the continuity of applications powered by ChatGPT. But also the future of this conversational AI which has become (almost) essential.

Ultimately, OpenAI took on a major challenge by announcing the end of ChatGPT plugins. We are talking here about maintenance and migration costs to custom models. But also the management of the transition to individualized GPTs. As well as user training on upcoming models.

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