In the vast universe of artificial intelligence tools dedicated to image creation, MidJourney is a heavyweight. This platform never ceases to surprise its users with its regular and innovative updates. Among the most recent features, the “consistent character” is a hit with budding digital artists.

A great ally for creatives

Imagine being able to give birth to a virtual being and make it evolve according to your desires. This is precisely what the “ consistent character » from MidJourney. Thanks to a simple tag, your creations will keep the same features from one image to another, which will allow you to explore different universes while maintaining theessence of your character.

The handling is also disarmingly easy. Launch MidJourney on Discord and start by generating a first illustration of your imaginary creature. Then copy the URL of this image to use as a reference.

MidJourney Consistent Character

When creating a new work, all you need to do is add the tag “–cref” followed by the link, as well as your new description. A consistency parameter, adjustable from 0 to 100 via the tag “–cw”will allow you to define to what extent you want the physical characteristics to remain intact.

Here is an example of a prompt using the –cref tag for the consistent character feature on MidJourney:

/imagine an elderly wizard with a long white beard and a wide-brimmed hat –cref https://xxx.yy

In this example:

  • “/imagine” is the command to request a new image generation from MidJourney
  • “an elderly wizard with a long white beard and a wide-brimmed hat” is the textual description of the character to be generated
  • “–cref” is the tag to use the consistent character feature
  • “https://xxx.yy” is the URL of a previously generated image, which will serve as a reference for the character’s traits

Thus, MidJourney will generate a new rendering of an elderly wizard, but striving to keep the facial and physical characteristics consistent with the provided reference image.

Endless possibilities

Your digital protagonist comes to life in ever more varied settings, while maintaining his familiar appearance. Have him ride a futuristic motorcycle, take him into space or even have him sit down and program, the combinations are endless!

If you prefer keep the lines in full, from hairstyle to the smallest item of clothing, a high level of consistency will do the trick. Here is an example of a prompt to use to have a high level of consistency:

/imagine an elderly wizard with a long white beard and a wide-brimmed hat –cref https://xxx.yy–cw 95

The parameter ‘–cw 95′ indicates how closely MidJourney should try to stay true to the characteristics of the reference image provided with ‘–cref’.

On the other hand, to make more marked changes while maintaining a resemblance, you will need to adjust this slider according to your creative objectives.

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