Here is Cognition Devin: an artificial intelligence capable of coding software, a website or a video game in a few minutes from a prompt! Find out everything you need to know about this revolutionary tool, which also risks endangering the software engineering profession…

Is this a revolution for the world of software? The startup Cognition AI Inc. has just emerged from the shadows and intends to shake up the world of development.

She has just revealed Devin: a tool capable of creating code completely autonomously. It is even capable of creating its own AI models!

Even though code generators like GitHub and Microsoft Copilot already existed, Devin goes much further and can create an application from scratch.

It is therefore not a question not just an assistant for the coder human, but of a software engineer in the form of AI.

Much more than a coding assistant, an AI software engineer

In a video published on his blogCognition CEO Scott Wu demonstrates howUsers can observe the model in action.

It is possible to see its command line, its code editor and its step-by-step workflow. In minutes, Devin completes code projects and data research tasks independently.

As soon as Devin receives a request, he search the internet for educational content allowing him to learn how to complete it and gets down to it immediately.

This AI is even capable of debugging alone problems encountered during the process. However, users can intervene at any time if necessary.

The launch of Devin is a major change in the emerging industry of AI-based coding, since this tool will offer each engineer their own automaton capable of carrying out complete projects.

It is very different from a simple co-pilot offering code samples or suggestions to human coders.

How it works ? A jewel of technology

Interviewed by Bloomberg, Wu explained to journalist Ashlee Vance that teaching AI to become a programmer is A ” very deep algorithmic problem ».

THE system must make complex choicesand plan several steps in advance to determine what to do.

He can access developer tools like a code editor, a browser and a shell. These can be run in a sandbox environment to plan and conduct very complex engineering tasks.

Human users just describe the project via natural language prompts in a chat window, in the same way as ChatGPT.

Afterwards, Devin takes care of doing everything we ask of him. He begins by creating a detailed, step-by-step plan to complete the assigned task and then begins using his tools. Just like a human coder!

Except it’s much faster. The AI ​​takes care ofwrite your code, correct the problems, to test and generate reports on its progress in real time. So users are always informed.

If human users notice an anomaly, they can add another prompt in the chat box and ask the AI ​​to correct the problem.

This therefore allows engineering teams to delegate certain projects to Devin and focus their energy on more creative tasks that still require human intelligence.

Top of the best Cognition Devin demos

Bloomberg journalist explains having asked Devin to create a basic video game in the style of Pong, and a website. These two tasks were completed in less than 20 minutes.

Far from stopping there, Devin can also take on much more complex tasks. However, this will require much more time. Here is an overview of the best demos shared on networks social by the first testers!

A threat to software engineers?

Even though Devin holds many promises, a question arises: is ita threat to software engineers and other human developers?

Ironically, CEO Scott Wu practices this profession himself and could therefore make your own profession disappear. On X, a user claims to have worked as a software engineer for Cognition before being fired and replaced by Devin.

THE computer science researcher Silas Alberti also tested Devin in preview, and confirms that it is not a simple assistant, buta self-employed worker in real time.

Like a alerted the CEO of Nvidia a few weeks agoit would be a big mistake to learn coding or advise your children to do so at this time.

This skill has long been considered forward-looking, but this is no longer the case today. It is no longer a refuge from the great replacement by AI, but on the contrary a dead end to rush into it.

The creators of Devin are confident that their AI will soon be able to perform all low-level code tasks in place of humans, and this much faster.

And the startup has what it takes to complete its project, since it recently raised $21 million during a Series A fundraising led by Founders Fund…

How to use Devin?

So you wonder how to use Devin now to bring to life the application project that has been in your head for so long?

This is unfortunately not not possible at the moment. Currently, Devin is only available for private preview and only a handful of hand-picked journalists were able to try it…

However, Cognition predicts to open early access to more usersand invites companies that wish to test this tool to make the request by email.

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