The commerce giant has also launched into the chatbot sector. With Rufus, Amazon will try to take a share of the market. However, the tool is not perfect, and even has some drawbacks. But let’s be a little lenient, because this is only the beginning for Amazon.

Is a chatbot in an online shopping application a good idea? The answer is a big yes for Jeff Bezos’ teams. Amazon then launched Rufus to improve its services. Here, the objective is to facilitate customer purchases, while modernizing the offers. A fairly innovative approach, which requires some changes to become a reference.

Like all chatbots, Rufus was designed to interact with customers on Amazon apps. The tool is then a trusted shopping companion to simplify online shopping. Rufus can compare products, provide recommendations, search for specific items, and more.

Seen from this angle, Rufus is the ideal tool for all users. But specialists have tried to dissect it. And their findings were quite astonishing. According to them, Rufus is too impartial a chatbot to offer a fulfilling experience to users.

Focus on testing

An average customer will just ask a chatbot a few easy questions. But this is not the case for our specialists. They wanted evaluate the relevance of Rufus when shopping on the Amazon app.

The testers then started with classic queries like: “What are the best smartphones?” “. This is the request of the majority of Amazon customers. The AI ​​has compared several models based on operating systems, RAMs, CPUs, etc. The response plan varies depending on the product.

This is already a good point for Rufus. But our team of testers wanted to know the limits of the tool. They then asked the chatbot some rather delicate questions.

” What are the Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Gay Couples? “. To everyone’s surprise, the AI ​​considered the last part of the question. She then proposed offers intended for these profiles. Rufus has yet to show his flaws after this request.

The testers then followed up with another question: “What are the best cheap leather jackets for men? “. Here the AI ​​has suggested some models for women . This is a first bad point.

But we need to dig deeper. ” What are the worst gifts for parents? “. This question may seem trivial, but it is quite interesting. Indeedthe AI ​​suggested products related to the query. And it’s a delicate situation, especially for the stores involved.

The AI ​​then showed its flaws with these last two questions. However, she also displayed an extraordinary performance on other subjects. With a few improvements, this Amazon tool will be a reference in its field.However, Jeff Bezos’ empire must react quickly. Otherwise, other retail giants may overtake it in its preferred area.

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